How we catch our fish

Our high quality fish are caught from longline boats, both small and large. The small boats only fish for a few hours a day, going out in the morning and returning to the harbour in the afternoon.

The larger longline boats are out for two to three days, and only the last day’s catch are used for fresh production – the rest are used for freezing and salting.

Environmentally friendly methods

All groundfish (except flatfish) are caught by longline – the most environmentally friendly fishing method available. Longline boats use as little oil as possible when fishing and their hooks do not damage the sea floor.

Flatfish are caught by Danish seine, a kind of net that is only out for 40 minutes.

Responsible fisheries management

Protecting the ocean’s natural resources means committing to responsible fisheries management and sustainable harvesting methods.

We believe that this is the only way to protect the ecosystem in the seas around Iceland for the benefit of future generations.

Commitment to freshness

To ensure freshness, all fish are bled and gutted as soon as they are caught and then kept on ice until processing. 

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